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Information for Candidates for Full-Time Academic Appointments

WLUFA is the certified bargaining agent for two bargaining units: the one representing all full-time faculty and professional librarians and the other all part-time faculty and professional librarians. This information is directed to candidates for full-time academic appointments. Its purpose is to provide useful information and assistance to candidates who have been offered a full-time faculty or librarian appointment at Wilfrid Laurier University and are about to enter into negotiations on their terms of appointment.

The general terms and conditions of employment for Members of the full-time bargaining unit are set out in and subject to the current Collective Agreement for July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2014. Under the Agreement the Employer is required to include a copy of the Collective Agreement with the letter of appointment. In the interim the complete text is available by clicking here.

It is advisable to consult it before you begin contract discussions with your Dean or University Librarian.

Please see the topics below for more information:

The advice set out below applies equally to faculty and librarian appointments. There are specific articles in the Collective Agreement for librarians (Article 14: Appointment of Librarians), and prospective librarian appointees may wish to consult WLUFA about these provisions.

Negotiating Your Appointment:
Your individual letter of appointment is a negotiated document in which specific items are subject to your agreement. Do not assume that the first offer made to you by the dean is a final offer, for the University expects to enter into negotiations at this stage. Once you have been made a first offer, feel free to consult with WLUFA for suggestions on how to respond. Articles 13.12.1 and 14.10.1 of the Collective Agreement specify the elements which must be contained in a Letter of Appointment. Particular attention should be paid to Reference Salary; credited years of service for leaves, and credited years in rank. What you manage to negotiate in these areas has longterm consequences for your career path and income.

Starting Salary:
The structure of Compensation is set out in Article 30 of the Collective Agreement. The tables in Article 30.4 sets out the floors for each rank of faculty and librarians as they will stand on July 1 of each year of the current contract. The Reference Salary offered to you must be at least the floor of the rank as of July 1 of the contract year in which your appointment begins. There is not a salary grid at Laurier, and therefore the floors only establish a minimum. Negotiated starting salaries are usually above the annual floor for the rank. If you currently hold a Limited Term Appointment at Laurier and have been offered a tenure-track position you must, as a minimum, receive your previous Reference Salary plus adjustments in compensation as laid out in Articles 30.1.3, 30.3, 30.5. You may, however, choose to re-negotiate your initial Reference Salary at this point. WLUFA can provide some advice on comparative salaries.

Tenure-track Faculty Appointments:
Tenure-track appointments may be made at either the Provisional or the Candidacy level, according to qualifications [13.1.4]. If you have been offered an appointment as a Faculty
Member you should be aware that under article of the Collective Agreement those holding provisional appointments are entitled to have one teaching term free of assigned teaching duties during the two years of the appointment. This provides junior faculty with valuable time for research and publication, not available to those who hold a Candidacy Appointment. Once you have received a Candidacy Appointment, you must be considered for tenure by the Fall Term of your third year [15.3.1]. However, you may apply for tenure in any year of your Candidacy Appointment. If you are uncertain whether a Provisional or Candidacy Appointment best fits your qualifications and career expectations, consult WLUFA.

Experience at Other Universities or Equivalent Experience:
Credits for years of experience at another university, or equivalent experience elsewhere, can be negotiated and the agreed credit must be stated in your letter of appointment.
This has two applications:
1. An agreed credit may be applied to eligibility for sabbatical leave or librarians’ academic and professional leave.
2. If you are appointed with tenure or with a continuing appointment, credited years in rank reduce the service requirement for eligibility to apply for promotion [15.7.7
and 16.3].
3. If you are a member of a pension plan with your present employer make enquiries about portability of your pension to the WLU plan.
4. Ask the dean about the provision for office space, computer equipment, research/studio space and availability of research funds for new appointees.

Relocation Expenses:
You may be eligible for up to 90% of Relocation Expenses for moving to the Waterloo region to a maximum of $5,000.

View the CAUT Handbook for New Faculty: Negotiating Starting Salaries.

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