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Guidelines for Conference & Travel Expenses

Once you have confirmed your attendance for a conference or workshop, a WLUFA staff member will contact you to acquire details for your travel arrangements. If WLUFA sponsors you to attend an event, you are expected to provide a report to the Executive Committee.

WLUFA will book and pay for your flight arrangements and conference registration as well as reserve your hotel and if needed, ground transportation, in advance. Please note that you may be required to pay your hotel charge, ground transport, parking, internet usage fee, (or other travel charges) at the time of use. WLUFA will reimburse the cost of travel expenses for the designated participant once receipts have been submitted. Reimbursable costs include; travel by air, train, bus, or automobile (advanced seat selection not included), hotel accommodations, parking fees, internet usage fees as well as meals (see below). With the exception of meals, receipts must be provided.

Please make every effort to take the most economical means of travel possible. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by WLUFA.

WLUFA will reimburse participants for personal use of automobiles based on the current CAUT mileage rate. The amount of reimbursement for mileage shall not exceed the lowest airfare available at the time of the meeting. Vehicle rentals are also an option depending on your travel plans.

WLUFA will reimburse you for meals at the following maximum rates per day.  Receipts are not required.

Breakfast         $15.00
Lunch              $15.00
Dinner             $40.00
Sundry            $15.00

Kilometre Rate            0.55.5

Staying with friends or relatives: HALF THE APPLICABLE CONFERENCE RATE

Note that WLUFA will pay only for meals not included with the Conference. WLUFA will not pay for meals charged to your hotel room.

In the event that a participant has agreed to have travel booked and then is subsequently unable to attend the meeting, the following policy shall apply:

a) In the event of (1) an emergency medical condition involving the participant, or a member of the participant’s immediate family, requiring the care of a physician or hospitalization, or (2) the death of an immediate family member, WLUFA will bear the cost of the ticket upon receipt of a letter from the physician or hospital;

b) In the event that the participant is required to return home early for the reasons outlined in (a) above, requiring a change in the travel itinerary, WLUFA will cover the cost of the change fee.

c) In the event of cancellation for any other reason (e.g., workload, personal reasons), the participant will be responsible for the cost of the ticket.

d) In the event of a change in itinerary for any other reason (e.g., workload, personal reasons), the participant will be responsible for the cost of that change.

You may choose to bring a guest on your trip but only the member’s portion of expenses will be reimbursed. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Watson at Ext. 2603.

Please attach all receipts to the Expenses Claim Form, including those already paid for by WLUFA, and submit it to the WLUFA office upon your return.

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