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What is a CAS Standing Appointment?

A CAS Standing Appointment is an appointment with a maximum five year term, available to Members who have demonstrated evidence of good teaching at the University over an extended period of time. The appointment will have a guaranteed workload of at least three courses for five years (if the appointment is made for September 2014, less if the appointment is made after that date). The number of courses will depend on the appointment for each member; you could have a Standing Appointment for four courses and a colleague could have one for three courses. The CAS Standing Appointment teaching load is not course-specific but is a teaching load of courses chosen and assigned by the Dean and/or Chair in consultation with the Member. The courses assigned by the Dean and/or the Chair for this load may be changed from one academic year to the next in consultation with the Member. The courses are chosen from a suite of courses that the Member has seniority in, or has taught before, or has the requisite academic qualifications to teach.

What are the eligibility requirements?

1) Accumulation of a min 30 seniority points;

2) has been contracted to teach in each of the previous 5 years; AND

3) have taught a minimum average of 3 one-term course equivalents in each of the past three years.

(For Members in Music who teach on an hourly basis, please consult the WLUFA Office.)

Why didn’t I get notification that I’m eligible?

Check to see that you have met all three of the eligibility requirements. If you haven’t met them this year, it is possible that you will meet them next year, depending on how much teaching you are currently doing. If you feel that you are eligible but didn’t get the notification, contact the WLUFA Office.

Should I apply to the Roster if I’m applying for a Standing Appointment?

Yes. First of all, there is no guarantee that you will get a Standing Appointment as there is a limited number available. Secondly, if you do get a Standing Appointment you may be able to teach additional courses up to the maximum of nine during the academic year.

If I am eligible and I apply for a Standing Appointment will I automatically get one?

No. The PTAC will review all of the applications it gets and determine if your teaching record is “good”. They will then make a recommendation to the Dean that the Dean either offer you a CAS Standing Appointment, or not offer you a CAS Standing Appointment. The Dean then makes the final decision. There is a limited number of Standing Appointments and not all Members who receive favourable recommendations from their PTACs will receive one.

Can someone with a Standing Appointment who doesn’t have seniority in a course I teach and have seniority in take over that course?

No. A Member with a Standing Appointment cannot “scoop” someone else’s seniority courses.

What happens if I have seniority in a course and a person with a Standing Appointment also has seniority in the same course? Who will teach it?

The Member with the Standing Appointment will only teach the course in which you have seniority if the Dean and/or Chair consider it necessary in order to comply with the teaching load requirements for a CAS Standing Appointment.

What if I teach courses in more than one department or program? Where do I send my application?

The language of the LOU specifies which Dean you submit your application to depending on how much teaching you do in the different departments.

(i) If the Member has seniority in at least one course in more than one department and/or

program, and the Member has taught courses for both of those departments and/or

programs over the previous five (5) years, the Member shall make their written

application for a CAS Standing Appointment jointly to the Deans of each of these

departments and/or programs, and the review of the Member’s application shall be done

jointly by the PTACs of the departments and/or programs. [If both departments or programs are in the same Faculty, the Dean will inform the appropriate PTACs.]

(ii) If the Member has seniority in a course/courses in a single department and/or program,

but has mainly taught courses in additional departments and/or programs over the

previous five (5) years, the Member shall make their written application for a CAS

Standing Appointment to the Dean of the department in which the majority of their

teaching has taken place, copied to the other relevant Dean. [If both departments of programs are in the same Faculty, the Dean will inform the appropriate PTAC.] The Member shall note on

this application any courses taught outside of the department of application during the

previous five (5) years and the review of the Member’s application shall be made in

consultation with the PTAC(s) of the additional departments and/or programs.

What should I submit with my application?

Kendra Young, Administrative Manager: Faculty Relations, sent a form along with the notice that you are eligible for a Standing Appointment. You need to fill out section A of that form. You are also required to submit a complete portfolio containing demonstrated evidence of good teaching at the University over an extended period of time. This could include evidence of pedagogical innovation, participation with Teaching Support Services, teaching awards, and commendations (e.g., emails or notes from students and Deans). A teaching dossier is not required, but WLUFA strongly recommends its inclusion, since it will contain a lot of the information mentioned above.

If I have a Standing Appointment for, say, four courses, can I teach more courses here or at another university?

Yes. You can teach up to the maximum number of courses at Laurier as set out in Article 16.3.2. You would apply for these courses using the usual mechanism (i.e., Roster application and/or application after the course is posted). Teaching at other universities is beyond the jurisdiction of our Collective Agreement, so is at a Member’s discretion, as long as they fulfill their contractual obligations for their teaching at Laurier.

Can my Standing Appointment be cancelled?

A Dean may cancel or reduce the teaching load of a CAS Standing Appointment due to bona fide academic and financial fluctuations within the academic unit or sub-unit. Note that failure to maintain a record of good teaching, inclusive of all duties under Article 16, may also result in cancellation of the CAS Standing Appointment.

What if I have a Standing Appointment and I am offered a Limited Term Appointment? If I take the LTA will I lose my Standing Appointment?

If your LTA will end before the termination of your Standing Appointment, you will come back into the Standing Appointment, but it will not be extended. For example, if you are entering the second year of your five-year Standing Appointment and you’re offered a one-year LTA, you would come back to the CAS Bargaining Unit when your LTA is over, and complete the three remaining years of your Standing Appointment. Your Standing Appointment would not be extended by a year.


As a faculty member are there any discounts or savings that I am entitled to?

Edvantage is a rewards program created especially for the members of Ontario’s education community. Partners offer elite discounts and savings for the education community and their families throughout the entire province.

Fill out an enrollment form at:


Full-time Collective Agreement, Article

When do I need to give a copy of my course outline to the Chair or Dean?

You are responsible for providing a copy of your written and/or electronic course outline to the Chair or Dean (as appropriate) during the first week of classes. The information that needs be included in your outline is stated in Article (b), (i) (ii) and (iii).

Part-time Collective Agreement, Article

Where can I find the webpage for the WLUFA Seniority listing ?

From the Laurier Home page, please go to the Resources tab at the top of the page. Choose: Human Resources> Employee Groups>WLUFA> Seniority Listing. You will need your novell username and password to log in.

What is the difference between Union membership and Association Membership?

As a full or part time faculty member or professional librarian at Wilfrid Laurier University you are automatically a Member of one of the bargaining units (in accordance with the Ontario Labour Relations Act).  However, in order to participate in the life of the Association, attend and vote at General Meetings, and serve on the Executive Committee, you must signify your desire to join the Association by signing an application form.  As a new academic staff, a membership form and package will be sent to you via interdepartmental mail or you may wish to join the association by printing the online membership form ( and sending it to the WLUFA office.

What does my doctor need to know about my job?

Here is an excellent resource brochure to assist you with ensuring that your physician has all of the information possible for accurate diagnoses, and timely testing and treatment, if needed.  This brochure was produced by the Sarnia-Lambton regional office of the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), joint gov’t/labour sponsored clinics that specialize in occupational health and disease.
-Laura Lozanski, CAUT

Where can I find information for Retirees?

The Wilfrid Laurier University Retirees’ Association has their own webpage at You can also contact the Association by email at .

Where do I find more information about Health and Safety issues?

Should you have a health and safety concern (that is not an emergency), please contact your committee representative: link here for Health and Safety Committee. The Health and Safety Committee publish a newsletter each academic term.  A link to the Health and Safetly SafetyNet Newsletter on the WLU site is provided for you here

Tenure Preparation:

Attached are documents that may be helpful for those that are preparing for tenure.  WLUFA holds a tenure workshop each spring.  Please contact for further information.

Tenure Workshop_summary

WLUFA Tenure Preparation Workshop_2013

WLUFA Tenure Preparation Workshop_LB2013

WLUFA tenure workshop CV Sample 2012


Please forward any questions or comments to the WLUFA office.

For questions or concerns about your pension and benefits, including retirement services, please visit the WLU Human Resources website.

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